Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Please help

Liz, one of my design team mates from Pattie's Creations, is fighting for her life.  Here she is, along with her sister.

Here is a post from Liz:

Hello everyone.  About a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with Bi-phenotypic Leukemia.  It is a rare form of Leukemia because as many people battleing Leukemia, they are only battling one.  With Bi-phenotypic Leukemia, it leaves me battling two AML and ALL.  I have been fighting strong but now I need your help more that ever.  I was seen in many hospitals in Florida and they all have told me there is nothing they can do for me.  But you see my will and drive to LIVE is far greater than any CANCER, therefore, I have chosen to continue fighting and doing whatever it is I must to stay ALIVE.  At 29 years old, and full of fight and drive I refuse to surrender to this MONSTER....In order to get an appointment with the best hospital in the country which is MD Anderson, they are charging me 100k just for a consultation deposit.  I need all of your help and support!!!  Please help me and my family through these trying times.

With Love, 
Elizabeth Quesada

Please click on this link to donate to help Liz with her fight for Life.  Any donation will help.  Please do whatever you can to spread the word: re-post this on your blog, on Facebook, anywhere you can.

Liz's cause strikes very close to home for me.  As some of you may know, my husband is in the fight too.  He's been battling a type of Lymphoma cancer since 2009.  We haven't found the right treatment to knock his cancer on it's butt yet, but we keep trying.

So please, donate whatever you can to Liz's cause.  If you don't feel comfortable with that, think about donating to a specific cancer society or the American Cancer Society to help find cures.


rachel said...

A worthy cause Anne - and sorry to hear about your own troubles too - the never knowing must be awful. Hugs from here in the UK! xx

Sandi said...

Thank you Anne for re-posting this for Liz! I didn't know that about your husband. Let's pray (I'm sure you have been) that both your husband and Liz get the treatment and cure for these different types of cancer!
♥ Sandi

Linda said...

Such a poignant story and I applaude Liz for carrying on fighting. I didn't know about your husband Anne and I will say my prayers for your husband and Liz.

Hugs dear friend
Linda xxx

Love crafts forever said...

Hi Anne. I just posted on my blog about Liz, and i hope your Husbant get better very, very soon.
Hugs Nat

Pattie G said...

Thank you so much for posting this about Liz. I was not aware of your husbands illness. I will pray that they find a cure for him.

Pattie ♥

Joan Ervin said...

I am sending lots of prayers for Liz and your hubby....hope a cure comes for both!!!!

Michelle VP said...

Hey Anne, sorry I've been so slow to come around and catch up visiting your blog. Thanks for sharing about Liz and your own husband's battle too. Praying for a cure for both of them!