Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Anytime basket/gift bag

This is a basket that was made using a 10" x 15" manilla folder, Spellbinder's Scalloped Edge Frame, strips of paper, Martha Stewart's Garden Trellis Deep Edge Punch for the handle, and Martha Stewart's Loops Punch Around the Page edge punch for the top of the manilla folder.

The first thing you do is cut off the excess amount of the folder you don't want; make sure you at least cut off the metal clasp and the glue adhesive strip.  While the folder is still flat, use a decorative edge punch to cut along the top of your gift bag.  Manipulate the manilla folder into the larger size by scoring along the sides and bottom the same number of inches (1", 2", 3", etc) and coax it into shape.  A tutorial on this will follow soon.

Next, cut out your Scalloped Edge Frames.  I used the center of the frame (which is cut out) as a guide on the newly made gift basket in order to cut out a widow on both sides of the basket.
Begin your basket weave in any one of the corner slots (I chose the top right) and thread the first strip of paper up from the bottom of that loop, going down through the loop on the opposite side two up from the bottom left corner. 

Continue threading your strips one by one until you have half of the weave completed (you can always stop here if you want stripes).  In the picture above, I have already tucked my end pieces behind the frame.

Now you are ready for the weaving in and out.  Start the same way as before, just in the opposite direction.  Begin in a corner and go two loops up from the bottom corner on the opposite side.  This time though, make sure you weave your paper strips over and under the existing strips of paper (for this photo, I didn't tuck my ends behind the frame yet so you can see where each strip begins and ends).  This reminds me of making pot holders when I was little and running the cloth loops over and under, over and under - yes, I know I'm dating myself!  Once you've gotten all your strips in place, bend them to the back side and glue down the ends (I used a glue pen).  If there's a lot of excess paper, you may want to cut it down some before gluing.

This is what it should look like when you've finished weaving the frame.  For my basket I made two, one for each side.  I used red liner tape to adhere the scalloped frames to my windows and my handle.

This project took a little while to complete.  It's not hard, just be prepared to spend a bit of time on it.  The great thing about this is you can make your own basket for any occasion and decorate it as much or as little as you want.  Enjoy!