Monday, January 10, 2022

Fairy Hugs January New Release

Hey everyone, so glad to share the samples I created for the Fairy Hugs January Release that debuts on The Craft Store, with One Day Specials. The shows air on Jan 10 and Jan 11, but you can catch them in the Rewinds for the next 60 days. 

There are 33 new stamp sets and 7 new stencils. All will be on the FairyHugs website on Jan 10.

Bleeding Hearts - FHS332
Amia - FHS331
Ladybug Family - FHS344

Entangled Hearts - FHS328

Foliage Swirl - FHS338
Sewn Hearts - FHS339
Heart Vines - FHS327
Cara - FHS333
Fairy Hugs - FHS359
Bees - FHS178
Flower Vines stencil

Funky 'Shroom 1 - FHS334
Funky 'Shroom 2 - FHS335
Funky 'Shroom 3 - FHS336
Laughter - FHS357

Heart Tree - FHS340
Love Birds - FHS341
Grateful Heart - FHS356

Hearts Banner - FHS342

Fairyberry set - FHS330
Love Shack - FHS346
Wheelbarrow - FHS343
Wooden Fence - FHS347

Magical Keyhole - FHS337
Wild Roses - FHS351
Fairy Couple - FHS326
Mini Castle - FHS329
Flying Dragon - FHS127

Maze Garden - FHS345
Amazing - FHS354
Condo Dwellers - FHS 060

Roses - FHS349
Friendship - FHS355
Fairy Bubbles stencil

Valentina - FHS352
Leave A Sparkle - FHS358
Heart Sparkles - FHS353

Vine Heart Frame - FHS350
Magical Key - FHS348
Grateful Heart - FHS356

Until next time, 

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Fairy Hugs Book Theme New Release

 Fairy Hugs Book themed new release will debut on The Craft Store today (10/31) and tomorrow (11/1) with a One Day Special. Show times today are (Central time): 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm, 8pm, and 11pm.  Show times on Nov 1 are 1am,3am, 7am, and 11am (Central time). If you can't catch the shows live, they will be on rewind for the next 60 day. 

These are the projects I created for the shows.

a series of Rolodex cards

Book Flowers
Fairy Liana

Fairy Hammock
Between Pages

Cherry Blossom Branch
Dandelion Grass
Willow Vines

Snail Library
Willow Vines
Lily Blooms

Stacked Books

Fairy Dictionary
Dogwood Blossom

Fairy Library
Path of Knowledge
Condo Dwellers
Willow Vines

Open Book
Tree of Knowledge

These will be available on the Fairy Hugs website later today.

Until next time,