Sunday, September 12, 2021

Lola and Winston Fireworks


Fairy Hugs is celebrating their first year with a lots of new celebration stamps (35 or so!). Today's project showcases the new Lola, Winston, and Fireworks stamps. 

This card was showcased on The Craft Store during the New Release shows and the presenter had some questions on how this was made. It is super easy and the effect is definitely a WOW in person. 

I used the Faux Soot Technique for this that I found online. Basically, you need glossy paper (I actually used glossy photo paper), a dark pigment ink, a cotton ball, and your stamps with an acrylic block.

To start off, cover your glossy paper with the pigment ink. I used Versafine Clair and continued adding the ink until I was happy with the coverage. You want to dab the cotton ball all over and not swirl it. 

The next step is to take your clean stamp that's on an acrylic block, and stamp straight down. You should not have any ink or anything else on your stamp. Pull the stamp straight back up, making sure not to rock the block, and it takes away the pigment ink on the surface, leaving you a negative image.

If you want to use the same image more than once, you need to clean the ink off your stamp each time you press down. I did this with both dogs and the fireworks stamps. You do want to be careful though as the surface can easily scratch and remove the ink as well.

I wanted a touch of color in my night sky (because fireworks are colorful). So after getting my negative image, I added color using gel pens. I went over the area a couple of times to blend my colors together. The final step was adhering it to a piece of white card stock.

Until next time....

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Fairy Hugs Stamps Celebration - 1 Year New Release

Fairy Hugs is celebrating its first year with a huge Celebration New Release. This new release will make its debut on The Craft Store. If you can't catch the shows live, you can always watch them using their Rewind feature for the next 60 days.

As I recently moved to a different state, all my supplies were still in boxes and a sweet friend/fairy sent me an emergency package with 3 colored and 1 black ink pads, blending brushes, and a small cutting mat set that included blades. It was perfect and all of my samples used these basic products.

It's Your Birthday
Party Streamers

Tree of Life

Balloon Sentiments
Party Lights

Cupcake Flowers
Lovely Girl

Fairy Cottage
Tree of Life


Balloon Sentiments
Fairy Flower Accessories

Fairy Flower
Fairy Dust Wishes

Ink Cap Mushrooms

Spotted Mushroom

Until next time......

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Fairy Hugs Social Design Team

I am so happy to announce that I am the Design Team Coordinator for this new group. The focus of this design team will be spreading the word about Fairy Hugs stamps via the most popular social media outlets.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Fairy Hugs July New Release

 Hey everyone, I've been busy behind the scenes doing lots of stuff, so not a lot of time to create anything.  But I was able to create projects for the Fairy Hugs New Release which will be debuting on The Craft Store TV channel again this month.  They will be featuring Fairy Hugs stamps as a One Day Special. We are celebrating Christmas in July.

Show times are 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 6pm, 11pm (all are Eastern time). If you can't catch the shows live, you will be able to see them in Rewind for 60 days :-).

You can find all the new stamps, plus a whole lot more at Fairy Hugs.

Here are my projects:

Decorating Tree - FHS-204
Arabella - FHS-224
Lampost Cane - FHS-221
Meadow Grass - FHS-220
Fairy Christmas - FHS-234

Fawn and Doe - FHS-211
Leaping Reindeer - FHS-222
A Long Way - FHS-233
Musical Dandelion - FHS-228
Hanging Snowflakes - FHS-214

Holiday Word Tree - FHS-236
Melody - FHS-226
Jada - FHS-223
Harmony - FHS-225
Wooden Sled - FHS-213
Hanging Snowflakes - FHS-214

Phoenix - FHS-215

Poinsettias - FHS-216
Love at Christmas - FHS-235

Possible - FHS-232
Holly Stalks - FHS-230
Pine Cone Branches - FHS-219

Viola - FHS-227
Pinecone House - FHS-218
Wooden Sled - FHS-213
Bunnies - FHS-210
Squirrels - FHS-208
Fancy Birds - FHS-207
Wolves - FHS-209
Foliage Hook - FHS-206

Wreath Builder - FHS229
Holiday Sparkle - FHS-231

Zuli - FHS-202
Decorating Tree- FHS-204
Pine Cones - FHS-217
Stone FIreplace - FHS-205
Fairy Christmas - FHS234
Flutter Dust - FHS-201
Condo Dwellers - FHS-060

Lara - FHS-203
Horse and Foal - FHS-212
Wreath Builder - FHS-229

Until next time.....

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Fairy Hugs June The Craft Store samples

Fairy Hugs is debuting it's June Release on The Craft Store TV channel today. These are the samples I've created.  Be sure to watch the shows for some amazing inspiration from the design team. You can also catch the shows for the next 60 days if you can't watch them live.

Trixie - FHS-192
Pixie - FHS-193
Dixie - FHS-191
Flutter Dust - FHS-201
Sprinkle Dust - FHS-200

Tara - FHS-187
Sunrise, Sunset - FHS-197

Solara - FHS-188
Mini Fairy Nests - FHS-181
Chinese Lantern Stem - FHS-184
Deer - FHS-168

Peacock - FHS-173
Make A Wish - FHS-195
Fairy Hugs Glitter - Sky
Fairy Hugs Glitter - Grape

Fox Den - FHS-186
Birds - FHS-172

Fairy Nest - FHS-180

Ducks - FHS-171
Snowy Fir - FHS-093
Fairy Hugs Glitter - Pixie Dust
Fairy Hugs Background paper - Slimline Moon Light Night

Dandelion - FHS-194
Fifi - FHS-190
Stardust Magic - FHS-196

Colvers - FHS-185
Frilly Branches - FHS-177
Fairy Nest - FHS-180
Birds Nest - FHS-179
Fairy Branches - FHS-033

Bunny - FHS-169
Fox - FHS-176
Deer - FHS-168
Morels - FHS-175

Brayla - FHS-189
Who You Are - FHS-198
Fairy Hugs Glitter - Confetti Pearl

Dance - FHS-199
Bluebells - FHS-174
Seed Pods - FHS-183
Daisies - FHS-182
Morels - FHS-175
Bees - FHS-178

Until next time.....