Saturday, February 6, 2010

Organizational tip for Spellbinders

I have been storing my Spellbinders die cuts in QuicKut magnetic binders (about $13 each).  This system works great, except that it is a bit pricey and I was having to look through each binder to see which die I wanted. (Yes, I put labels on the covers, but I'm more of a visual person and had to look at them to see which one I really wanted.) 

I am also in the process of reorganizing my stamps - I have outgrown my current system (more on that at a later date).  I was using the Cropper Hopper Large Zip N Flip organizer sheets (around $14 for a pack of 2) for the unmounted portion of my stamps (the rest are cling mounted), so I re-purposed them.  I went to  and bought several packs (12 sheets/pack) of adhesive backed magnetic 8 1/2 x 11sheets ($9 - $10/pack, depending on quantity ordered).  I was able to get 3 cuts (6 3/8" x 4 1/4") per sheet, for a total of 36 and I have a large enough piece left over for some other project. 

Each set of Spellbinders fit perfectly on my magnetic sheets and slid right in.  Now I can flip through my entire collection (which easily fits in a small binder) with ease.  Since each Zip N Flip has room for 16 of whatever per organizer sheet, I filled about 2 1/4 sheets with plenty of room for expansion.  Previously I had completely filled 6 QuicKuts magnetic binders and would have needed to purchase more if  when I purchase more Spellbinders.

Hope this tip helps.  I know what works for some doesn't always work for others. As I said before, the QuicKut binders are great, but not very price effective considering my ever expanding inventory of Spellbinders.  I now need to think of a way to re-purpose my QuicKut magnetic folders.  Any suggestions?

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