Thursday, February 4, 2010

Experimenting or Playing???

When I attended the Copic certification class, the instructor said that using Georgia Pacific paper (found at WalMart) was a big NO-NO and that Neenah paper was best.  After researching about papers and inks more on the internet, some said that the GP paper was ok.  So I decided to find out for myself.  As I have found in the past what works for one may or may not work for me. The Neenah paper is on the left and the GP paper is on the right in each photo.  I did the exact same thing to each image.  The Neenah paper is definitely darker (and soaks up more ink) than the GP and with this first pass, I liked it better. 

These next two pictures show where I added more colors to give more details. The photo on the right shows where I added a bit of blending solution to give it some texture and make it look more like fabric.

Here is the final version.  For this particular project, I liked the GP paper because it looked more faded.   So which version do you like better?

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