Friday, November 9, 2012

Word verification

Sorry y'all, but I had to turn on the word verification.  I'm being bombarded with comments that are really ads for lots of different things.  I've been getting over 100 a day for the last several weeks.

My plan is to leave it on for a few days and then turn it back off.  I think word verification is a necessary evil to combat situations like this.  Hope you understand and will still leave me comments when you can.

Update:  these unwanted ads stopped immediately!  Will keep word verification on for a few more days.


Ardilla said...

HI, Anne!
I am having the same problem over the last ten days... but I don´t want to turn on the verification... it is so hard for me, but if this continues I will have to do it myself :)
Hope this helps you!

rachel said...

no probs Anne - I understandxx

Linda said...

Thank you for letting us know. I have no problem hun.

Big Hugs
Linda xxxx

Gita said...

Oh no. Gosh, how annoying!!! Hopefully this will fix the problem.

Donna Ellis said...

sorry to hear it, Anne. Sometimes I can't read the word verification, and I'll just e-mail you privately (((hugs)))

Sandi said...

I know exactly what you mean! I changed my settings for commenting (not word verification) to only allow Google/Blog (something like that). I previously let anyone comment, but with advertising comments I had to change it. I hope I don't have to resort to word verification.
Sandi ♥

Ardilla said...

Hi, Anne!
I had the same problem, instead of word verification, I change my settings on comments and stop allowing anonimous commenting and everything stoped. Maybe you need to try that one and you don´t have to have the word verification turn on :)

Teresa Kline said...

your cards are super cute...hope you have a wonderful week!

Unfortunately blogging has tons of spam, that is the one bad side to it...yuck! I do not like the word verification, but totally understand why people use it. I finally switched to needing approval for comments. I really like it because I can delete a comment as spam, which I hope will keep that particular one from hitting my blog again...htth!

enjoy *~*

Teresa Kline said...

oh btw, I luv the title of your blog, super cute!

enjoy *~*