Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Enabler Alert

Pattie is having a 30% off sale at Pattie's Creations Digital Stamps Etsy store starting today through 5/7.  We are celebrating a new and exciting feature.  In the past, anyone purchasing an image had to wait for Pattie to send it to them.  Now, you'll be able to download your images once the payment is processed.  No more waiting to get started creating with your new Pattie's Creations images!

So head on over and start shopping!  Use the code PATTIEBOOP1 (be sure to use CAPS) at checkoutto receive your 30% off YOUR ENTIRE ORDER.  There are lots of images that will fit the themes you have in mind.


Linda Simpson said...

WOW brilliant offer, thank you for letting us know.

Linda xxx

jimlynn said...

After as much as I've been enabled by Tammy lately I probably don't even need to look at this - but will anyway!!!! LOL! Thanks for the info and it looks like a great deal!