Friday, February 4, 2022

Fairy Hugs Sentiment Release

 Fairy Hugs has  a new release and it's all about sentiments! I know I can never have too many sentiments in my stash. This release features a total of 15 new sentiments (the Fairy Whispers set has seven sentiments on this one set. You can find all the new stamps at Fairy Hugs.  Here are the projects I made using these new sentiments.

Fairy Whispers Be Still and Listen - FHS-361
 Stream Scene - FHS- 071
Flying Owl - FHS-027
Clouds FHS-061

Fairy Whispers Fairies Believe - FHS-361
Condo Dwellers - FHS-060 

Fairy Whispers HopeDream - FHS-361
Lila and Robin - FHS-110 (Robin)

Fairy Whispers Raindrops -FHS361
Raindrops - FHS101
Ducks  FHS118

Fairy Whispers Thinking of You - FHS361
Pinecone Branches - FHS219
Fantasy Flowers - FHS032

Fairy Whispers Trust in Magic - FHS361
Lantern Tree - FHS083
Kira - FHS324 

Fairy Whispers World Needs - FHS361
Condo Dwellers - FHS060
April - FHS100 (umbrella)

Listen - FHS363
Tree of Life - FHS264
Whimsical Flowers - FHS113
Meadow Grass - FHS220
Fairy Scapes paper - Woody

Live Forever - FHS364
Fairy Flower FHS252

My Fairy - FHS365
Starla - FHS058
Fairy Branches - FHS033

Our Garden - FHS360
Mice - FHS259
Fairy Hugs Stencil Flower Vines 

Songs of Life - FHS366
Bluebells - FHS174
Condo Dwellers - FHS060
Happy Moon - FHS022
FairyScapes paper Galaxy

Still of the Night - FHS367
Toad house - FHS051
Moon Dust - FHS105
Mini Dancing Mushrooms - FHS052
Fairy Hugs Stencil - Galaxy 

Wish Come True - FHS362
Dandella - FHS102
Dandelion - FHS194
Fairy Hugs- Bubbles stencil 

Wish Come True - FHS362
Sivelle - FHS098
Butterflies - FHS316
Lantana - FHS096

Your Wings - FHS368
Valentine - FHS352

until next time....

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