Monday, August 15, 2022

Fairy Hugs - Best Sellers show

Fairy Hugs is having a Best Sellers show on Create and Craft. It includes some of the all-time best sellers right before our 2nd anniversary.  You can find all of these on the website.

Here are the samples I've created for this show.

Balloons - FH190
Party Lights - FH264
Ed - FH250
Julia - FH248
Lovely Girl - FH271(sentiment)

Fifi - FH190
Frilly Branches - FH177
Seed Pods - FH183
Daisies - FH182
Flower Vines - FH STEN-016

Spiders and Webs - FH292
Lucinda - FH280
Ursula - FH281
Witches Inn - FH289
Witchy Dwellers - FH288
Woody - FH STEN-03

Lantern Tree - FH083
Lantana - FH096
Hanging Vines - FH-088
Wishing Well - FH081
Lantern Set - FH084

Until next time....


Lena said...

These are lovely Anne. Time to start working on those Halloween cards :-) Love them all!

Donna Ellis said...

What fun your cards are! Your witches look especially intimidating! Wonderful shaker card! I always forget to make shakers. big hugs, de