Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Fairy Hugs/Create and Craft show

Fairy Hugs December show on Create and Craft airs today and will be available to rewatch for the next 60 days. Below are the projects I've created using the stamps that will be showcased on the shows. All are available now at Fairy Hugs.

Fairy Flower - FHS-252
Bonnie - FHS-246
Stardust magic - FHS-196
Petalshimmer Paper Pad

Fairy Liana - FHS306
Love Birds - FHS-341
Fox Den - FHS-186
Fern Leaves - FHS-050
Petalshimmer paper pad

Party Streamers - FHS-266

Cirlig - FHS-125
Wild Roses - FSH-351
Bridge - FSH-039
Woody stencil - FH-STEN-03
Petalshimmer paper pad

Oscar - FHS-003
Row Boat - FHS-141
Frilly Seaweed - FHS-156
Raphael - FHS-015
Net - FHS-008
Pebble Beach stencil - FH-STEN-04

Happy Moon - FHS-022
Fireworks - FHS-240
Rooftops - FHS-284

Lola - FHS254
Winston - FHS-255
Ania's Tree - FHS-140
Fairy Dwellers - FHS-385
Fairy Flower Accessories - FHS-253

Fairy Poem - FHS-135
Snail Library - FHS-321

Cara - FHS-333
Magical Key - FHS-348
Heart Vines - FHS-327
Petalshimmer paper pad

Until next time.....

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Donna Ellis said...

Wow! It is a CARD FEST! wonderful cards, Anne! I especially love the sentiment in your top card. Hoping you are enjoying your new year of you-know-what LOL Your carefree fairy reminds me of what is in store for you! hugs always, de